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Welcome to Metatron - A software provider for advanced techonology solutions over various platforms. English | עברית

About Metatron

Metatron is a software provider for advanced techonology solutions over various platforms.
The company's vision is to pioneer unique solutions and fascinating end-user experience through innovative technology and artistic creativity.

Metatron deliver its customers with diversified services, from campaigns' production including security umbrella and management platforms, through the development of casual games, designated software, desktop widgets, 3D modeling and animation, adaptive software applications development and more.

Metatron is obligated to the highest development and quality standards, ensuring its customers the comfort and ease of use, exclusive design and most of all, a unique customer's experience.

Metatron is proud to be the creative branch for some of the Israeli market's top enterprises, as well as software companies, advertising firms and even start-ups. Metatron acts for some of its customers as the development department supporting the organization's in-house development and creative teams.


The team

Image Alex Yaroshenko
Alex Yaroshenko
3D and Animation
Image Ofir Oron
Ofir Oron
Design and Flash
Image Baruch Sheffi
Baruch Sheffi
Development manager
צוות הפרדה
Image Rodrigo d'Agosto
Rodrigo d'Agosto
Image Nir Cohen
Nir Cohen
Image Orit Moshe
Orit Moshe
Design and Development
צוות הפרדה
Image Yair Melamed
Yair Melamed
Image Guy Moshe
Guy Moshe
Image Clement Ghnassia
Clement Ghnassia
צוות הפרדה
Image Ruthy Sheffi
Ruthy Sheffi
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