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Welcome to Metatron - A software provider for advanced techonology solutions over various platforms. English | עברית

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Celestial is A content management system suited to your website. The system is built on a steady foundation of information management, reports and data security modules. none the less - it is flexible for adjustment suitable for management of any website.
Celestial - Site Admin from the sky!
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Guardian is task based security system for online prize winning campaigns. It's goal is to monitor and intercept hacking attempts, allowing the capaign manager to take operative security measures.
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Patience, more information soon...
Glitch - Kids Browser
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3 candidates at the GameIS awards November 2010
Metatron is proud to announce that 3 games from it's development arsenal where chosen as candidates at the 2010 GameIS awards: The Island 3, Night watcher by Raid and Kinder's funny Students.
Yes - Serial Fan October 2010
Metatron develops a minisite and trivia game for Maccann Digital: 'Yes' Serial Fan.
Raid shootout May 2010
Design and development of a game which promotes the 'Night Keeper' by Raid.
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